Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

Contents of the Terms of Service (Please read sentences below before you order.)

please read through the terms and conditions before start making purchases with us.
All our customers need to agree with shop's terms and conditions policy.
we always offer printed products at a low price and quick turnaround time.
DIGITA sets up the policy as follows in order to continue providing low cost, quality printing services to our customers. Please order our products abiding by our terms and conditions below.

DIGITA always offers printed products at a low price and short delivery time.
DIGITA sets up the policy as follows in order to continue providing inexpensive printing services for customers. Please order our products on this understanding.

■DIGITA's Terms of Service, Shop Terms and Warranty Policy

  • ●If any accident or mistake has happened for any reason, we shall not be responsible other then reprinting the products. Order and data submission in advance are recommended. We shall not be liable for damages to anybody, including the ones to the third party.
  • Reprinting products by using the same data may not result in the same color as the one printed before.Keep in mind that weather and humidity may cause different finishes.
  • ●We shall not accept any cancellation, change or editing order by customers after the order has been confirmed. Especially when the data has already been submitted, we will move on to the next stage of our production. hence you will not be able to cancel or change your order. Please order our products after careful consideration.
  • ●We shall not be responsible for any delay in delivery due to not receiving the data in time, for example, you sent us an Email but we haven't received it, data was posted to us but we didn't receive it, or the data received can't be open due to files missing or any other reasons.
  • ●Tax is included in the catalog price. charges need to be paid (charges for COD / bank charges, etc.) in addition to the catalog price.
  • ●In case we can't accept your order due to system failure or any other technical glitch, reception date will be considered the day we could open up your data,In order to avoid any mistakes such as wrong paper selection etc please use our order forms provided.
  • ●Selling prices are the ones applied when you order. Even if prices in our price list are changed after your order and before the delivery of products, the selling prices of your order will not be changed (except for the case in which the price in the price list is wrong). quotations are effective for 2 weeks.another quotation request is necessary after two weeks period.
  • ●Troubles in printing, systems, transportation, etc. may cause delays in delivery time, we leave no effort to meet with the scheduled delivery time.We shall not bear any responsibility for the damages thereby to the customers or the third party. Order placement and data submission in advance are recommended.
  • ●Our online mailing order business is for within Japan only. We do not ship our products to any place overseas.
  • ●We may cancel your order due to the number of the reasons for example , printing issues, glitch in the printing machines,unprofitable small order.We shall not bear any responsibility for the damages because of the cancellation to the customers or the third party
  • ●We can change this agreement without prior or subsequent notice to the customer. Please check the updated version of the agreement periodically, because revised contents will be applied as per requirements.
  • ●If any faulty printing or mistakes are found in products received, please contact us within a week from the delivery date.We may not be able to reprint or replace them after that period.
  • ●Express delivery orders will be shipped first when multiple orders receiced.
  • ●When you choose to pay cash on delivery as a payment method for the order of multiple packages, only one of them will be shipped as a cash on delivery parcel (We will charge you the whole amount) and others as ordinary parcels. Their delivery dates may be different, or the C.O.D. parcel may arrive first depending on the contents of the products.
  • ●Please keep in mind we may not be able to print adult oriented content.
  • ●Samples of customer's artwork data or comprehensive layouts can't be sent.
  • ●We shall not bear any responsibility of copyrighted material and designs, customer is solely responsible for that.
  • ●The customer will bear bank transfer fees for refund due to the cancellation after paying.
  • ●In case you don't receive the products delivered to you due to any reason, after the storage period of our contracting shipping company expires, products will be sent back to us in such a case customer is liable to pay the return and redelivery costs all together.