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Questions about label printing

Questions regarding sticker printing Can any size be printed?

A. Yes, as longer it’s within the printable area announced by us.

For more information, please refer to the table below.

Print Type Handling paper type Size
Label printing All paper type Within 42 cm×29 cm
Sticker printing Art paper, Mirror coat paper
Film(synthetic paper) - Yupo - white PET · Vinyl
Within (1800cm)
Except for the above-mentioned paper type
all others
Within (42cm × 29cm)
Magnet printing 0.6mm thickness Minimum 40mm × 40mm
B1 size within (728 mm × 1030mm)

Sticker printing depends on the type of paper used for printing, the maximum printable area can be upto1800cm² .
Minimum printing size is 1cm2 ,where the smallest side should not be less than 5mm. In case of a circle minimum printable size is (10mm x 10mm). minimum printable size for magnet printing is (4cm x 4cm)

What is the life span of digital label printing?

A. It varies greatly depending upon usage and environment.

Our label printing is recommended for indoor use, not suitable for outdoor use.
Durability depends on number of factors, paper and film types, ink used to print the label may fade away in a year. However,it also depends upon the usage of printed labels. for example if label were to place in a sunlight exposed environment , it is likely to fade out within a year.

What’s the durability period of the stickers?

A. Depends largely on the type of stickers and the application environment.

Digita’s sticker printing considered as an outdoor application, durability period is difficult to mention because of the number of elements . Ink can retain it’s quality for 3 to 5 years in case quality paper was used. for example, the paper used can last only for a year hence ink quality will be compromised in such circumstances.

Can i order round sticker shape?

A. Yes, you can.

However, extra charges can incur depending on the shape and complicated cutting,please contact us prior to ordering if you have any questions.

Does digita keeps record of previously printed data? can data be reprinted on customer’s requests?

A. Yes, we do keep record of old data for upto two years time, and reprinting is also available on that data.

However, in order to reprint your old data please note the following points.

  • Checkout is required on our website for reprinting. we will not be able to take your orders over the phone or email. you can type your order number and follow the instructions for reprinting.
  • For reprinting we will spare no effort to match the colors to previous print but please keep in mind that there maybe slight color difference ,due to the temperature ,humidity conditions.
  • As it has been a long time since last print ,color and quality of the paper are subject to change.

Is cancellation of order possible at any time?

A. In principle, orders can be cancelled before the completion of data check after submitting your data. (free cancellation).

In case customer wants to cancel the order after data check has been completed, the full cost of printing will be charged because printing process will take place immediately after the data check is completed, If you wish to cancel your order please contact our customer support team as soon as possible to avoid extra charges.

Is it possible to not display digita’s information on the goods delivered to multiple addresses?

A. Yes, we can dispatch the orders without displaying our name on delivered goods.

If the delivery address is different than the customer’s ordered address, goods will be dispatched without displaying digita’s information on the package. customers are allowed to choose any name for a sender instead of us.
Please keep in mind that if the goods were ordered on a large scale we may be able to send good amount of samples to the third party involved but if the quantity is not much we may forward only few samples instead.

If i have multiple delivery addresses when should i notify you?

A. In principle, please inform us before the data check is completed.

Please notify us as soon as possible if you want to add multiple delivery addresses to your orders, because the printing process might have completed earlier then expectations and could be on it’s way for delivery before the actual delivery date.
In addition, multiple delivery addresses will incur extra charges.

Is special color printing availabe? aslo will it be a quality print in RGB mode?

A. Unfortunately we don’t have a special color printing facility in our company.

You can use the DIV or PANTONE colors for artwork creation but the print out will swith to CMYK mode automatically at the time of print out.
Please make sure to choose CMYK color mode for printing, in case the artwork was designed in RGB color, at the time of printing it is automatically forced into CMYK color mode which could result in significant color difference.
For information about differences between RGB color and CMYK color mode, please refer here.

If i don’t have adobe illustrator and photoshop softwares, can the data be printed in Ms word, Excel or powerpoint?

A. Yes, It can be printed if it was saved in PDF file format.

After artwork has been created please save it in a pdf file format. However, the data created in Ms office could have RGB color mode hence at the time of printing it will be switched to CMYK color mode which could result in significant color difference.
The data saved by customers in pdf file format will be checked by our customer service team and an email will be sent to customers regarding any issues.
However, please keep in mind that it may look slightly different from the actual color depending on your monitor and printer output settings and specifications.

Can digita create my design?

A. Yes,it’s possible.

Though,data on customers behalf cannot be created from the scratch. however if customer cannot adjust the data properly we may help you fix your data but keep in mind that modifications and data settings may cost you extra because of the efforts and time consumed.
Please give us a call in advance if data modification or settings are required.

When should the payment be made ? In case of bank transfer as a payment method.

A. Payment must be made within a week from the time of order submission.

We have a prepayment principle in our company.
Printing process will start after the payment has been confirmed in full.
Please be mind full of prepayment while ordering express delivery to meet with the delivery time frame.
Orders will get cancelled automatically, if the payment hasn’t been made within a week from the data submission date.

Is enclosed shipping of the separate cart possible?

A. Yes,it’s possible. However, if you want to order an enclosed dispatch, please contact our customer support team.

We deal with a separate cart as a separate order, goods can also be shipped in packaging.
Additional labels can be added in the same cart before confirming the payment method by clicking continue shopping button.

Is the data submission day considered as first business day regarding delivery schedule?

A. Orders are determined at 15:00 everyday. Artwork received by 15:00 will be considered as first business day (in case no issues were found in artwork)

It is recommended to submit your data as early as possible, data submitted exactly at 15:00 might be shifted to next business day because of work load for that particular day.
In addition, If bank transfer was selected as a payment method, the data processing and printing will start upon payment reception,hence the payment reception day will be considered as first business day even if the data was submitted on a earlier date.

Can i edit or replace the submitted data?

A. Yes, data can be replaced free of cost before the data check completion by us.

Cancellations or data replacement after the data check has been completed by us may incur extra charges.
In addition, data replacement and editing cannot be done while going through the printing process , full amount will be charged in case of any cancellations during printing stage.

I forgot to receive the delivery, what should i do ?

A. Contact yamato transport services, our delivery contractor company to find the nearest storage facility.

As long as it is within the storage period, re-delivery or pick up can be organized with yamato transport services.
In case storage period expired and no re-delivery was scheduled with yamato transport comapany, the order will be returned back to us.
In order to ship the goods again, customer will be liable to pay the delivery charges in addition to the cost incurred for returning the goods back to us.