Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

■ Collection of personal information

We collect customer's personal information to the necessary extent. In that case, the personal information we collect is within the legitimate and fair means.We never offer or disclose it to any third party without obtaining the customer's agreement.

■ Management and protection of personal information

We take adequate safety measures by consolidating the management system in order to protect it from unauthorized access, loss, falsification and divulging, and to ensure its correctness and safety.
We continuously review and improve our effort to protect personal information, and take all necessary measures on the technical and organizational levels.

■ Disclosure, change and deletion, etc. of personal information

We will never disclose or offer any personal information to any third party without customer's consent or other legitimate reasons. If customer requests to change or delete the given personal information, we will investigate it and change or delete it accordingly, in case we find a good reason to do so.

■ Consolidation of Company Structure

According to the protection of personal information policy, we consolidate company regulations, have our employees recognize the importance and responsibility of protecting it, and systems are put in place to audit the situation of its protection.

■ Governing laws

The Company will comply with the Personal Information Protection Laws and other regulations.

■ Revision

We will revise and improve the regulations to comply with the requirements of protection of personal information.

DIGITA Co., Ltd. President & CEO Kazuya Fujishita
January 25, 2010

DIGITA's website and cookies information

・Advertisements of any third party such as Yahoo Corporation, etc. may appear on the screen and in this regard, the said third party may have received and used cookie data, etc. of the user who has visited DIGITA's site.

・The cookie data, etc. by the third party received is treated in accordance with our privacy policy.

・The user can access the opt-out page of the third party and stop it from using the cookie data, etc. for the advertisement distribution.

・The cookie is the system when a customer visits a web page, usage history and entry, etc. sent and received data between the browser and the server are saved as a file in visitor's computer. If the customer accesses the same page next time, the page operator can change the display for each person by using the cookie data. If the customer has permitted in browser settings the transmission and reception of the cookie data, the website can receive the cookie data from the browser.
It should be noted that the customer's browser sends only the cookie data which the server of the website sent and received for privacy protection.

・The customer can change the settings about the transmission and reception of the cookie data by 'allow all cookies', 'block all cookies' and 'notify the user when receiving cookies'. options.
The setting methods are different depending on different browsers. setting method can be managed about cookies in the 'help' menu of the browser you are using.

・If you select the settings to block all cookies, you may have restrictions on using various services on the Internet, for example restrictions will be set up to visiting the authenticated material.