Technical guide/Confirm before creating data

Technical guide (Important points when creating data)

Confirm before creating data.Important information on how to create data and complete guidelines on data management softwares.

Information such as basic knowledge about DTP and printing, data management, application and softwaresdealing with data management are shown and discussed below.Please refer to the information provided while creating your artwork.

Adobe  Illustrator Creation guidelines about printing

Most of the designing and printing companies use adobe products.

Adobe  Photoshop Creation guidelines about printing

Most of the designing and printing companies use adobe products.

Basic knowledge about DTP Creation guidelines about printing

Guidelines for DTP application

How to create white data Creation guidelines about printing

Creating data using white ink on transparent, gold and silver artwork.

We can process the data up to the CC version of adobe illustrator.

Confirmation before data submissionData check by DIGITA

Following our general rule Customers shall bear responsibility for any issues and troubles caused to them if data submitted contain errors in principle, we will ask customers to rectify the data and submit it again.
Data submitted containing errors could result in printing issues and delivery delays. Hence such data need to be submitted again after correction.please make sure that the data is correct prior to submission. Digita will not bear any responsibility regarding delivery delays due to false data. In case customer cannot fix the data and requests us to rectify it, there maybe extra charges for data correction and delivery time might also need extention. customer needs to confirm the final artwork data after amendment.

Necessary checkpoints
※please make sure to read before submitting your data.

  • Adobe  Illustrator
  • Adobe  Photoshop

A mandatory checkpoint requires the information to be made sure prior to data submission.
any errors found in data, needs to be rectified and submitted by the customer which may also result in delivery delays. customers are highly advised to make sure that the data is correct without containing any errors prior to submission.

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