Data submission/After the order/Submit your data

Data submission(Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop)

Have you finished the procedure for ordering products?

You need to finish ordering procedures before you submit your artwork data.
We will send you 'order confirmation Email' when you have ordered.
The order number written in the Email is necessary when you submit your artwork data, so please keep it at hand.

Please prepare your artwork data in advance.

Check whether your data are complete ones and do not need any correction.
Refer to the page, if you have not confirmed you data yet.

Additional order

Please send us both your present and previous order numbers through the inquiry form.
You do not have to submit any data if you use the same data as before.
※If you write your previous order number, we will regard the order as additional and try to make the color closer to the one used for the products before. But please note in advance that the color may be different because of humidity, temperature and the season.

Information about orderer
※If you login, you can dispense with entering the information below.

You can send 1 file per 1 order.

※Required to be filled out.

※ Order cart No.

Ex. : A00001


Ex. : Taro Yamada

Email address

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Precautions about data submission.
We cannot accept your data before ordering.

'Order number' is always necessary when you submit your data, so you need to order in the product page and get 'order number' first.
Make sure to enter your order number when you submit your data with any method.

We cannot accept your data submitted through your server or data transfer services.

The data transmitted through data transfer services such as '宅ふぁいる便'or your own server are unacceptable in terms of security.

Please avoid submitting your data by using return Email to us.

Our Email address is dedicated to 'inquiries', so the data will not arrive normally.

Please note the following matters.

・Please make sure to compress your file (zip, lzh, or sit format) when submitting your data. If '/', ':', or '\' is included in your file name, the file may not be sent normally.

・File capacity which can be sent varies according to the transmission scheme, such as ADSL or light. You can send your data safely, because transmitted data are encrypted.

・Please be sure to confirm your order number.

・The data up to 1 GB can be sent per a transmission. But if your Internet access is slow, the file with a large data capacity may not be sent normally.

・The link image file should be in the same folder as the document so as to avoid broken link.

・Please confirm that the file is the complete one corrected last time.